Russ Blattner

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

For years I dreamed of putting together a team of my smartest, motivated and highly driven colleagues. I am excited to finally be working with this “Dream Team” of innovators and believers. Believers in our quest to make AI easy, easy to get started, easy to manage, and most of all easy to get results!

John Leschorn

Co-Founder and Chief Information and Administrative Officer

I've always been an entrepreneur at heart. It is a privilege to be working with such an excellent team of professionals in a company that strives to create solutions to some of the biggest challenges businesses face today.

Paul Szyarto

Chief Strategy & Data Officer

Paul is an Oxford University and Wharton Business School educated business transformation expert who spent the last 25 years optimizing billions and maximizing the bottom lines of more than 600 global companies including Microsoft, Goodyear, BP, GE, United Technologies, Kellogg, Alcoa, Autoliv, Darden, Yum, and many more.

Joel Branch, Ph.D.

Chief Product Officer

Passionate about furthering the democratization of artificial intelligence, expertise in predictive analytics, process modeling, visual analytics, application performance analysis, hobbies include photography, illustration, cars, and sharpening his slow smoke BBQ skills.

Mark Stadtmueller

Chief Innovation Officer

Mark is a hands-on technically savvy Business Professional with a passion for taking emerging technologies to market. Starting as a communications officer architecting voice and data networks, Mark’s career has focused on learning from data to drive business outcomes in the new digital economy and applying emerging technology and the innovation required to meet business needs.

Stu Gold

Chief Revenue Officer

Energetic and effective Sales, Marketing & Business Development technology executive and strategic business leader with unique blend of Fortune 100 corporate (MICROSOFT & CISCO), mid-sized high growth and turnaround businesses (public & private) mixed with entrepreneurial start-up experience from private equity/venture capital backed companies.

Russ Loignon

Chief of Staff

Russ leads the program practice for sales and operations as part of the BOSS go to market effort. He helps our Channel and Partners to transform their organizations while delivering advanced solutions for their customers.

Amanda Wild

Chief Marketing Officer

A visionary and innovative sales + marketing expert, with 20+ years experience, Amanda helps companies maximize ROI using data-driven strategies and behavior-based marketing. With experience scaling organizations up to $1B, Amanda is known for leading cross functional change initiatives requiring complex problem solving.

Mow Chung

VP Risk Management & Corporate Governance

Experienced executive leader with extensive business and technical experience in building and managing enterprise solutions. Over 30+ years of proven track record of consistently providing innovative solutions to meet and/or exceed corporate objectives across multiple industry verticals.

Mike Braunschweig

Sr Business Development Consultant

Business leader with over 25 years experience serving a variety of roles in sales and marketing, business development, and project management across a variety of information systems technologies. Team leader and coach that has led many cross-functional teams.

Michael Lewis

VP Platform Engineering Services

Mike has over 20 years of experience working with Platform Engineering with a focus on high speed distributed computing. Mike and his team operationalize the BOSS AI platform with the speed, stability, and security in mind.

Jon Jones

VP Cyber & Information Technology

I have been involved in everything from help desk to architecture for global enterprises. I have been involved from global enterprise migrations and architecture of systems to cyber security and blockchain creation.

Andrew Galaska

Principal User Experience Engineer

I'm here to create an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for the user. How can I make yours better?

Corey Shields

Principal Platform Engineer

Corey has a strong background in systems engineering, operations, and leadership. At BOSS, he focuses on operational excellency by improving the platform and processes that drive Artificial Intelligence.

Robert Cain

Senior Program Director

For over 20 years Robert has been leading Program initiatives with a broad experience of industry verticals and technologies. His blended approach combines a regimented delivery methodology with a flair of adaptability right sized to any situation. Robert measures what matters and delivers what counts.

Robert Lewis

Senior Database Engineer

Bringing more than 30 years of IT experience to Boss AI from a variety of industries and platforms. I will use my programming knowledge to build data pipelines and integrate customer data into our platform and ensure that customer data is secure, always available and running at peak performance.

Chelsea Seydlitz

Sr. Solutions Engineer

With a decade supporting a wide variety of production assets, a formal education in Physics, and a pleasant can-do mindset, I am incredibly proud to be able to assist and fill several roles on the team to deliver a top-notch product.

Mustafizur Rahman, Ph.D.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. Mustafizur Rahman has 8-years of experience in the area of data science and machine learning. His primary research area is deep learning and its applications to natural language processing, and text mining.

John Reynolds, Ph.D.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Utilizing data science principles to provide critical analysis and insights from data is changing the world around us, and I'm excited to work in the space implementing the structure to enable such powerful paradigms.

Chip Ray

Platform Engineer

Over 25 years experience in software business technical roles including Unix/Linux Administrator, Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Training Developer, Trainer, Installer, and Customer Support.

Brian McClannahan

Solutions Architect

Graduated from KU in 2020 with my Masters in Computer Science. I love all things machine learning.

Humberto Montero

Cyber Analyst & Technical

Multi-award-winning contractor with years of experience supporting the defense industry in various roles that ranged from technical writing to asset management. Documentation specialist proficient in analyzing processes and existing documentation to enhance the overall effectiveness and implementation within an organization.

David Kramer

Associate Data Analyst

Leveraging my experience in machine learning-enabled innovation across the world's most fiercely competitive industries, I'm driven to create and deliver otherwise untapped transformational value to our clients through our customized solutions.

Andrew Sampson

ML Software Engineer

Andrew Sampson's passion for implementing the latest in Machine Learning research to real-world problems drives him to deliver the best solutions to modern business needs. With a background in Physics and Machine Learning research, Andrew strives to apply ML techniques to the fullest extent.

Cody Rourke

Business Operations Specialist

Cody Rourke’s passion for success drives him to provide valuable impact in all he does. His diverse background in business operations, provides him valuable insights into how companies can best operate their daily routines as efficiently as possible.

Corry Field

Business Operations Assistant

provides administrative support to various departments in order to improve performance and work efficiency. With an obsessive attention to detail and a knack for organization, Corry works diligently behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly at BOSS AI.

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